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20 minutes workout with a personal trainer using the German technology of EMS.
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EMS, Fitness, Therapy, and Health.


Innovative Technology

E-Body Art is an EMS Fitness, Personal Training, Health & Nutrition, and Tanning studio. The first in Lebanon to introduce the Innovative Technology of Electro Muscular Stimulation to tone, firm, and strengthen body muscles.

Our EMS-training machine made in Germany is the most Advance & Effective full body Muscle Stimulation.

Rehabilitation Therapy, Muscle Strengthening, Body Shaping & Weight Loss Technology. It is only 20 min workout and it is Equivalent to 4 Hours at the GYM.

• Weight Loss & fat burning

• Muscle building & strength

• Endurance & athletic performance

• Body Toning.

• Eliminate Cellulite.

• Eliminate Back and Joint Pain.

• Muscle Reconstruction. (After Surgery, post therapy)

• For All Levels of Fitness and Ages.

• Physiotherapy and Medical Use.

• Boosts Metabolism and cardiovascular health.

• Suitable for older adults.

• Suitable for people with busy schedules who want fast results.

How we do it

Adjusted for your need

Customized & tailored to fit our client’s needs. We develop a program for each customer depending on their case and goals might be health, Fitness, or shape related.

1. Try out our service, experience the EMS 20 minute full body workout with a personal trainer.

2. Choose your package and book your consultation to set your goals and take your body assessment.

3. We track your progress and performance, and compare results until we reach the desired goal.


Contact Us


phone: +961 1 789 739

Mobile: +961 70 037 006

Address: Verdun 732, 1st Floor, e-bodyart، Beirut

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